Petaluma Mobile Notary | 5 Reasons To Hire Notary Publics

What is a Petaluma Mobile Notary?

They are public notaries who travel to their clients on an as-needed basis. They provide notary services at your door, saving you time and hassle. Mobile notaries are not only certified and bonded but they are also trained to handle a variety of notary services. Also, mobile notary services follow the same legal guidelines as notaries in your local area.

What is a Mobile Notary?

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So why hire a Petaluma Mobile Notary? Here are five reasons why:

1. Convenience

– A notary public travels to you, saving you time and the hassle of having to drive to a notary office. The notary does not need to be located in the same county as you, so no matter where you are in Petaluma, you can find a notary.

2. Efficiency

– Mobile notaries are trained to handle a variety of notary services quickly and efficiently. They also specialize in notarizing documents that are not notarized at a standard notary office.

3. Accuracy

– All notary services are carried out with the same legal guidelines and accuracy as notaries in your local area. Their notary services are not only certified and bonded, but they also have the experience to notarize documents correctly.

4. Availability

-Mobile notaries are usually available for notary services at any time of day or night. On top of that, notary services can be arranged within 24 hours of your request.

5. Peace of mind

– With a notary public in Petaluma, you can rest assured that your notarized documents will be handled correctly and securely. Mobile notaries take the necessary steps to ensure that notarial acts are performed accurately and following state laws.

All in all, notarization can be a complex, laborious process. But with a mobile notary, you can get your notary services done quickly and accurately. So when you need notary services, hire a Petaluma Mobile notary! They’ll save you time, hassle, and money in the long run.

Petaluma Notary Services

Petaluma Notary Services
Mobile Notary Petaluma
Loan Signing Agent Petaluma

Petaluma Notary Services are not just for convenience Here are the services that they offer:


A notary public must authenticate documents by notarizing them with an official seal. This includes notarizing documents, such as affidavits, deeds, contracts, and other legal papers requiring notarized signatures.


A notary public can also notarize power of attorney documents, which gives someone else the authority to act on another person’s behalf. They can also notarize documents that require notarized signatures or notarized copies.


Many Petaluma notaries also provide loan signing services. This includes notarizing documents like loan applications, closing papers, and modifications. Additionally, notaries can notarize documents that require notarized signatures, such as mortgage notes, deeds of trust, and loan addendums.


Petaluma Mobile Notaries can do various business documents, such as notices of incorporation, corporate minutes, and many others. Also, notaries can notarize documents for companies outside their state.


Notaries in Petaluma can also notarize real estate transactions related to deeds of trust, quit claim deeds, and mortgage closing documents. On top of that, notaries can notarize documents for foreign real estate transactions.


Mobile notaries are not typically authorized to notarize wills. Still, they may provide notary services for other documents related to the disposition of a decedent’s estate, such as an affidavit of survivorship or authorization for funeral expenses.


Notaries can notarize designations of beneficiary forms, which designate a beneficiary to receive the proceeds from an insurance policy or other assets upon death. This notarized document is then filed with the appropriate agency or institution to protect the help of a deceased person.


Medical Directives Napa

Notaries in Petaluma also notarize real estate transactions related to deeds of trust, quit claim deeds, and mortgage closing documents. On top of that, notaries can notarize documents for foreign real estate transactions.

Mobile notaries can notarize medical directives, such as a Living Will or Medical Power of Attorney. They can also notarize medical release forms, HIPAA authorization forms, and other documents related to confidentiality.


Notaries can notarize Affidavits of Independent Professional Advice, which are used when someone is unsure if a legal action is appropriate. Moreover, notaries can notarize documents related to guardianship, conservatorship, and other fiduciary matters.


Notaries can notarize documents related to real estate transactions, such as deeds of trust, promissory notes, and other closing documents. This helps to prevent fraud, as notaries must authenticate documents with their notary seal.


Notaries can notarize documents related to structured settlements, such as annuity contracts and non-judicial settlement agreements. It is a financial agreement allowing someone to receive periodic payments for a one-time fee.


Petaluma Mobile Notaries can notarize documents that support a disability claim, such as medical records and statements from doctors or other medical professionals. This helps to ensure that the claimant has legitimate evidence of their disability and not just hearsay.

Mobile Notary Petaluma Facts

These are the facts about Mobile Notaries in Petaluma:

1. All public notaries must be commissioned by the Secretary of State.

Notaries in Petaluma must renew their notary commission every four years.

2. All notaries in Petaluma must maintain an official register (or journal) to record notarizations performed.

3. It is required that notaries keep a record of all notarized documents, including the date and names of those involved in the transaction.

Mobile Notary Petaluma Facts

4. Some notarial acts require additional requirements such as witnessing or attesting a signature, requiring two witnesses if necessary, or affixing a seal to certain documents.

5. Petaluma Notaries can charge maximum fees for notary services based on state regulations and guidelines set by the Secretary of State. For example, for a single act of notarization, notaries can charge up to $15.

6. It is not legal for notaries to notarize documents they have a financial interest in or records they have not seen signed or witnessed by their own eyes.

7. Notaries are prohibited from notarizing anything that appears false or fraudulent, such as signing a document under pretenses or knowingly notarizing a signature not belonging to the signer.

8. Notaries can travel outside of the state and still perform notarial acts within Petaluma if all parties involved in the transaction are present at the time of notarization.

9. Mobile notaries must always provide proof of identity when performing any notarial act, whether done in person or not.

Hiring a mobile notary in Petaluma is an excellent way to ensure that you notarize essential documents in a timely and secure manner. An experienced notary can provide critical services, such as authenticating signatures, witnessing the signing of documents, attesting to copies of original documents, and much more.

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In-Office Notary Fees

In-office notaries often charge higher fees for notarizations due to their overhead costs. For example, a notary public may charge up to $15 for a single notarization act and an additional fee for each other notarial act. However, mobile notaries typically have much lower costs because they do not have office rental or staff expenses. The typical price that a notary in Petaluma charges is $6 for an oath or affirmation and seal.

In-Office Notary Fees Petaluma

Mobile Notary Petaluma Fees

Usually, the cost of the maximum fee for a mobile notary in the US is less than or equal to $75. The notary partner also may charge additional travel fees if you don’t live in the notary’s vicinity or for other notarial acts that take longer to perform.

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