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We Buy Houses in California for Cash

Sell My House Fast California

We understand that selling your home can be an expensive, time-consuming and stressful time in your life – especially when using traditional realtors. At we work to streamline the entire process, helping you avoid commissions or fees and expedite sales that would usually take months to close. We’ve helped hundreds of people, just like you, sell their houses quickly – providing them with fair and accurate offers for cash.

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We understand that selling your home can be an expensive, time-consuming and stressful time in your life – especially when using traditional realtors. Those who are religious might even do a Prayer To Saint Joseph To Sell Their House. At we work to streamline the entire process, helping you avoid commissions or fees and expedite sales that would usually take months to close. We’ve helped hundreds of people, just like you, sell their houses quickly – providing them with fair and accurate offers for cash.

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We Buy Houses California!

First, let us list what we won’t do:
Sell Your Home Fast For Cash

We never charge fees, commissions or closing costs. A Real Estate Agent often asks you to pay as much as 6% of your total sale and tack on extra costs for title searches and credit checks, all of which chip away at your profits.

Home Buyers California

We don’t ask for appraisals or trouble you with showings or open houses. After all, nobody likes having strangers in their home or yard signs all over their lawn as not everyone really wants the foot traffic.

Cash Buyer For Houses

You won’t have to worry about renovations or repairs. Our goal when we buy houses is to give you a great deal as quickly as possible. It’s our job to handle hassles, while you focus on your future.

We Pay Cash For House Fast

Many realtors/ real estate agents require that you sign on to a listing agreement. We don’t. Listing agreements forbid you from exploring other methods of selling houses, leaving you helpless as realtors take months to find a decent free offer. We leave the decision of the sale in your hands, ease your mind off the process – and you put the cash in your pockets!

Cash for Houses California,
We Buy Houses California:

We Buy Homes California

Our team is trained to be flexible to your circumstances and adapt to the needs of selling your house. Certain properties can be difficult to move when markets and consumer trends change, this is why you need someone with our home buyer expertise on your side, so give us a call or fill out our form with the requirements (like Email Address, Street Address, Address Line 2, City, State, ZIP Code), then get your free and fair cash offer, sell your house to us and we pay with cash!

A Selling Process can also become very complex during situations such as title issues and contract disputes, but you can call for the very best (and nice- that’s us!) to help you move forward and sell your house in California fast.

Sell My House Fast California 

Many homeowners looking to sell their house start by asking, How do I sell my house fast for cash?” which is a perfectly normal question from anyone who finds themselves facing a financial issue. However, many people are quite hesitant when it comes to selling their home fast because they have no idea what to expect and are thinking too much on the fees or closing costs. Depending on your property address, the price associated with it will fluctuate. Some property in certain street address would be more expensive than others even in the same city. 

Well, we are here to tell you that it is far easier to sell to a cash buyer like us than selling your home by a real estate agent, or listing it by yourself. It is also faster, and you spend almost nothing. In fact, selling your home to us is exponentially faster because we can close within a week, whereas most homes in California have an average 3-6 month selling period if everything goes well. Plus, you’ll need to pay brokers’ fees, spend money on making the home worth selling, and time on open houses. Then there are also closing costs involved, which can vary quite a bit. Not to mention that you don’t get to choose a closing date. 

Sell My House Fast in California
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Sell Your House Fast California,
We Buy Houses California!

We’ve broken the process down into three simple steps:

Sell My House Fast in California

Contact Us

Simply fill out our Get My Fair Offer Form with the required details, (Email Address, Street Address, Address Line 2 City, State, ZIP Code, etc.) or call us at (805) 870-8009.

Sell My House California We Buy Houses California

Receive Your Cash Offer

We will send an accurate and fair offer after we speak to you on the phone and discuss the condition of the property or if there are any tenants.

We Will Buy Your Home California

Get Paid

Pick your closing date. Avoid weeks of waiting. We buy houses for cash, and we will pay you in full.

More Questions About the Process?

Sell My House Fast for Cash California,
We Buy Houses California

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do We Need From You?

Give us a call about selling your house to us and one of our assistants will ask you some basic questions about you and your property – e.g., Email Address, Street Address, Address Line 2, City, State, ZIP Code, square footage, date of construction and number of rooms and some of of the field is for validation. They’ll also ask the reason why you want to sell your home, as this helps us adapt the sale to your needs. In just a few minutes, we’ll have everything we need to begin and buy your house!

When do I get my free, no obligation cash offer?

Although some companies promise a fair offer within five minutes if you want to sell your property, we like to spend a bit more time with our clients. At, we pride ourselves on giving as accurate an offer as possible to our customers, allowing you to make well- informed decisions on selling a house. This takes a little longer than five minutes, but never longer than a day, so give us a little time and then get your fair cash offer for free. We believe that the way to sell a house should be fast, but not so rushed with little time to sell.

Am I Going to Get a Lowball Offer?

That’s a very fair question, and sadly, it depends on who you use. Many ‘we pay cash for quick sales’ companies will take advantage of your need to sell fast. Instead, we rely on the reputation of our company and our profession, providing a deal to buy your home that benefits everyone involved, every time.

Need to Choose Your Closing Date?

Many of our clients want out of their property immediately, others need a couple of months and some want to move out only after the sale. We offer you the opportunity to choose your own schedule, and secure a deal without having to rush your next move. So call us, sell your property, without repairs and no fees and choose the closing date that’s fit for you!

I’m looking to sell my house, but what about the repairs?

Our company would fall in the type of AS-IS home buyer. It means that we will not only help you sell your California home no matter the condition even if it needs repairs, but we will do it stress-free! No Repairs, No Cleaning!

How much would the Realtor Fees or Realtor Commissions be?

Unlike Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Company, and other “We Buy Houses Company”, when we buy your home, you won’t be asked for realtor fees or any closing costs!

“I Want To Sell My House Fast for Cash!”

We Buy Houses in California For Cash!

Home Buyers California


Many homeowners begin to fall behind on payments and cannot afford to wait months in selling the costly liability, so we help them with the sale with our fair offer.

Sell My House California We Buy Houses California


Transferring a property or selling it can become troublesome, especially when an immediate sale is involved. Our team has helped many through this difficult process.

Sell My House Fast California


We’ve helped couples move on to their next house and buy their old property at a fair price during difficult and expensive times in their lives when cash flow and independence in selling are vital.

Get A Fair Price for your home

Unwanted Rental Properties

Many landlords opt to sell their houses when the stress of managing renters becomes overwhelming or their business interests change, and our free cash offers ensure a seamless transition from one income to the next.

We Can Buy Your House Fast in California

Outdated Homes that Just Won’t Sell

Selling a property that needs cleaning, renovations or repairs is often out of financial reach for many sellers. Without these improvements, it can be difficult to acquire market value for selling, and that’s where we come in to buy your home. Call us today!

Sell House Fast California

I Need To Sell My House Fast!”

Are You In Foreclosure or Are About To Be?
Do You Own an Unwanted Rental Property?
Do You Want To Avoid Paying Closing Costs or Repairs When Selling?

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Cash Home Buyers California

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Sell Your Old House Fast for Cash!

Selling house that needs repairs

If you are in the market to sell your home, it is only fair that you also get a cash offer from us. We buy houses in California but also give free cash offers. That’s right, It’s free to get a cash offer, unlike other real estate or “We Buy Houses company”. In fact, many people who are thinking about “I want to sell my house fast!” get an offer from us and then try to get a better offer from other California “We Buy Houses company”. Unfortunately, they rarely end up with more money in the pocket, and often the process takes much longer than they first estimated. That’s why over the years, an increasing number of California property owners have been selling their homes to us after their homes were on the sale for months. 

You might already be spending a lot of time on other matters, and adding the task of selling your house shouldn’t be another one. When you call to sell your house to us, we will always try to buy your home in the shortest time frame, with the best possible offer. So, you can sell your house fast i.e. in as little as a few days. 

Getting a free cash offer for selling a house is quick and simple. Our company which is located in California, we buy houses with the priority of a seamless transaction and will then start working with you so that the property can be sold easily. No hassle should be experienced when you are looking for a way to sell a house.

Cash Home Buyer California

At, our goal is to help you sell your burdensome home that’s slowing you down, unlike other Real Estate Companies that aims for money instead of a win-win outcome. It’s easy to get taken advantage by most Real Estate Agents, especially during uncertain times, so don’t lose out on your sales price just because you’re in a rush. We’re the nice guys who buy houses!

We have been purchasing real estate, and buying houses in California since 2010 no matter the condition and changing the industry one smiling customer at a time. Although our reach covers the entire state, we are a family-owned business based in California.

Our guiding principle when we buy houses in California is to create and pay win-win situations for every client, finding flexible and cost-effective fair cash offers every time we buy houses. Before committing months to an agent, spend five minutes on our questionnaire to see how we can help you save time and money.

Real Estate Agent vs Investor

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Cash Offer Please is the #1 Cash House Buyer in CA. We buy houses in any condition or price range, anywhere in Los Angeles, CA  and all surrounding areas. If you need to sell your house in CA, or keep thinking, “How do I sell my house fast in California?” We Buy Houses fast and we are only a click away! Visit Our Facebook Page and Google Business Page for Tips, and FAQs. For legal information

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