Why is cash better when selling a house

Why is cash better when selling a house?

When you want to sell a house, cash is always better. Although cash might not sound like the most romantic way of buying and selling your home, cash buyers are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to purchasing the property.

Is it good to sell a house as is?

Is it good to sell a house as is?

You’ve been on the real estate market for six months without a single offer, and you’re anxious to sell. Maybe it’s time to consider dumping your real estate listing by selling as-is. Is this the best way to go?

How do I sell my house without a realtor in California

How do I sell my house without a realtor in California?

If you’re in a real hurry to sell your house, this is possibly the best option for you. You can sell your house yourself by “for sale by owner,” or FSBO  in real estate lingo. It’s not as scary as it may sound and we’ll show you how to do it step-by-step.

How do you sell a house for cash

How do you sell a house for cash?

I’m sure you’ve heard the term cash buyer thrown around in real estate circles. But do you really know what cash buyers are, or how they work? So let’s get into it. How do cash buyers actually work? What is an instant cash offer? And what should home sellers look out for when dealing with cash buyers?


What’s the quickest you can sell a house?

g a house is tricky, and can be more difficult depending on the real estate market.  It’s important to price your property reasonably while taking into account both real estate agents’ commissions and home repairs that need to be made in order to get your property sold.  In some cases, it may take longer than others, but there are situations where you can sell your house very quickly–in as little as 30 days!

What Is a Repair Escrow? Top 5 Reasons You Might Need One

An escrow account is a special holding account that serves as an intermediary between the seller, buyers, and other parties. It’s there to make sure all matters are handled according to instructions from escrow company representatives, who may be working on behalf of a title company or a Real Estate agent. In this article, we’ll go over 5 reasons you might need an escrow account during your real estate transaction.

how to avoid California capital gains tax

How to Avoid Capital Gains Taxes for Houses in California

Knowing how to avoid capital gains taxes on your rental property is an important step in maximizing profits. Capital gains are the profits earned through the sale of capital assets, such as homes or land… This blog post will show you why capital gains tax is so high for California residents and how you can protect yourself with cash offers!

Can I Sell My Property with an HOA Lien in California

Can I Sell My Property with an HOA Lien in California?

If you are looking to sell your property in California, then you might be concerned that there is a lien on the property. A homeowner’s association (HOA) can file a lien against your home if you have failed to pay dues or assessments. Although they cannot stop you from selling your house, it will likely reduce the price of your property because buyers are wary of HOA liens. How do I know if I have an HOA lien? And how do I remove an HOA lien from my home before selling it? Here’s everything you need to know about HOA liens and how they affect real estate transactions in California.

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